Opening of "10" - an incredible evening!

The opening of "10" was an incredible success, above all expectations. A lot of people from the whole Province, among them many known faces, attended the vernissage and continue to visit the exhibition, which is on until the 11th of November. The reactions of the visitors are so positive, everyone leaves feeling moved and emotional.

The introduction by Don Paolo Renner and Zeno Kerschbaumer contributed to making this event a special one. Much appreciated was the presence of the mayor of Brixen, Mr. Peter Brunner, who conveyed the greetings from the city, and of the councilor Monika Leitner.

The celebration lasted late into the evening, with intense and deep discussions and a good, friendly atmosphere. The buffet, offered by the restaurant "Die Traube", combined with the excellent wines donated by Alois Lageder and Manni Nössing, made the whole event even more enjoyable. 

Here a selection of photographs by Thea Huber. Thank you to all for making this evening a special one!